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Scrollsaw Dice Tray

One of the things that made it easier to deal with the pandemic and overall isolation of 2020 was game night with my quaranteam. Some games require frequent dice rolling and that can be hard on your table. I recently renovated my basement into a game room complete with a dining room table and chairs that I purchased used but before this our primary play area was on my normal dining room table. I designed this dice tray to be easy to make on the scroll saw but still have solid joinery to stand up to even the most aggressive dice rolling.

You can find the pattern below. Feel free to use and share this as much as you want as long as it is properly attributed.

Dice Tray Plans
Download PDF • 210KB

The initial concept was to have a dice tray that could be made on the scroll saw with minimal additional effort. Just print the pages, attach to your stock, and cut. A little clean up with a chisel, plan, or sand paper might be necessary depending on how accurate your cuts are.

I'd love to see any versions of this that people cut. Tag me in it at scrollsawcorner on Instagram if you use that.



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